External Residential Landline Capture Module for Direct-Link 800 & 007 Series Systems

Bring Residential Line Capture Capability to Your Direct-Link 800 or 007 Series Crisis Response Throw Phone System

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The External Residential Landline Capture Module, allows CRT staff to connect the Direct-Link 800 or 007 Series System directly into a barricaded residence's analog telephone system. Once connected, the CNT staff can ring up to (6) telephones inside of the residence simultaneously. Furthermore, all outgoing telephone calls placed from the "captured" telephone system are automatically directed to the Direct-Link's Command Unit console, eliminating the barricaded subject's ability to communicate with the "outside world" through their landline phone system. NOTE: To operate the External Residential Line Capture Module with a Direct-Link 800 Series System, the Enhanced Landline Module MUST also be used. 

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Line Capture Set-Up'/Operations for Direct-Link 007 Series System

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