Analog to Digital HDMI Audio/Video Converter Kit

Convert Analog Audio/Video Signals to an HDMI Output Without Lag!

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Many newer TVs and other electronics hardware installed into an agency’s Mobile Command Vehicle are solely digital and may no longer be equipped with traditional RCA/composite audio/video input jacks that are necessary to allow the hardware to be connected directly to an analog source (i.e. Throw Phones, Surveillance Cameras/Microphones, Camcorders, VCRs, etc…).

The Analog to Digital HDMI Audio/Video Converter Kit provides a solution to this compatibility issue by providing a quick and easy way to convert analog audio/video signals from an analog source to a digital HDMI 720p or 1080p (60 Hz) output as follows:

  1. Connect the “Analog to Digital HDMI Converter Box” to an external power supply via USB Cable and Power Adapter (provided).
  2. Use RCA/composite Cable (provided) to connect the analog audio/video device source to RCA/composite input jacks (yellow, white and red) located on the “Analog to Digital HDMI Converter Box.
  3. Use HDMI Cable (provided) to connect the external HDMI device to the HDMI output jack located on the “Analog to Digital HDMI Converter Box.”


  • Plug and Play (No Drivers or Software to Install)    
  • No Conversion Lag Time
  • Composite Inputs Supported: NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL/M, PAL/N & SECAM (up to 480p) 
  • HDMI Outputs Supported: HDMI 720p or 1080p*     
  • Weight/Dimensions: 1.41oz. (40g)/2.60 X 2.17 X 0.79” (66.0 X 55.0 X 20.0mm)**

*Selectable via built-in switch. Device does NOT support 3D
**Weight/Dimensions pertain to “Analog to Digital HDMI Converter Box” ONLY.


Some TVs are equipped with a “shared composite/component” video input.  The way this type of shared input works is that the TV’s video circuity has been modified so that either an analog “RCA/composite” or “component” video source (and associated analog audio input) may be connected to the TV.

A component video input consists of three separate “RCA/composite type” jacks that are commonly labeled/color-coded as Pr, Pb, Y. Many people are unaware that if the TV is manufactured with a “shared composite/component” video input they are still able to connect an analog video source to the “Y” component video input jack by using traditional RCA/composite Cable allowing for access/monitoring of the analog video signal on the TV!

If the “component” video input is associated with analog RCA/composite audio input jacks (red and white) analog audio signals may also be added (download the literature below to review and illustration.

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Analog to Digital HDMI Audio-Video Converter Kit

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