Enhanced Landline Module

Bring External Analog Landline Connectivity to the Direct-Link 800 Series Crisis Response Throw Phone System.

Item #: ETG-DL-800-ELL Price: $750.00 Add to Wish List

The Enhanced Landline Module brings Enhanced Landline Connectivity to the Direct-Link 800 Series System. This allows for CNT staff to connect the Direct-Link 800 Series Command Unit Console to active, external analog landline. Once connected CNT staff place use the Direct-Link 800 Series System to place and receive outgoing and incoming landline calls through the System as well as perform a landline conference call and a Enhanced Landline-to-Throw Phone Link to introduce a remotely located Third Party Intermediary into the negotiations that are currently taking place with a barricade subject over the System's Throw Phone. NOTE: The Enhanced Landline Module is delivered for NO additional charge when a Direct-Link 800 Series Model# ETG-DL-810, ETG-DL-820, or ETG-DL-850 System is purchased.  

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