Tactical Covert Audio Gathering Systems

Tactical Communications Unit 3 (TCU-3)

An Affordable, Versatile, Compact & Easy-to-Use Tool Developed for a Variety of Critical Incident Response Applications!

Item #: ETG-SWAT-TCU3-KIT Price: $5499.95

SIMON (Special Investigations Mobile Operations Network)

A rapidly deployable, expandable wireless IP-based mobile surveillance platform customized to best meet an end user’s primary application.

Item #: ETG-SWAT-SIMON Price: $9999.99

Concealed Communicator

Turns ANY Bluetooth® Enabled Cell Phone into a Covert Listening & Communications Device!

Item #: ETG-CC-KIT Price: $999.95

Structural Tactical Acoustic Receiver & Sender (STARS) System

Listen and Talk Through Doors, Windows, Vehicles and More!

Item #: ETG-STARS-SYS3-R Price: $16900.00