New Crisis Response Team Technologies

Direct-Link Bridge Series Crisis Response Throw Phone System

Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) is pleased to introduce the Direct-Link Bridge Series Crisis Response Throw Phone System.  The Direct-Link Bridge Series System incorporates all of the abilities of the Direct-Link 007 Series System and much, much, more! If your agency is seeking the ultimate Crisis Response Throw Phone Technology, please login to the “Secure Area” of our website so you can access complete information!

Item #: DLB-TRU Price: $0.00

Tactical Communications Unit 3 (TCU-3)

An Affordable, Versatile, Compact & Easy-to-Use Tool Developed for a Variety of Critical Incident Response Applications!

Item #: ETG-SWAT-TCU3-KIT Price: $5499.95

SWAT Network Gateway Box

The SWAT Network Gateway™ Box is innovative device which brings cellular connectivity to a Wireless First Responder Loudspeaker Unit.

Item #: SWAT-SNGB Price: $899.95

Concealed Communicator

Turns ANY Bluetooth® Enabled Cell Phone into a Covert Listening & Communications Device!

Item #: ETG-CC-KIT Price: $999.95

Structural Tactical Acoustic Receiver & Sender (STARS) System

Listen and Talk Through Doors, Windows, Vehicles and More!

Item #: ETG-STARS-SYS3-R Price: $16900.00

Wireless Remote Audio Perimeter Sharing (WRAPS) System

A Unique, Self-Contained Wireless Communications/Monitoring System for Critical Incident Response.

Item #: ETG-WRAPS Price: $3499.95