XaverNet Remote Wireless ToughPad

Remotely Receive Real Time Visual Data & Fully Control Up to Four Xaver™ 100 or Xaver™ 400 Systems Simultaneously!Please inquire for pricing

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The XaverNet is a remote wireless device that works in combination with Xaver 100 Handheld, Through-Wall Life Detector and Xaver 400 Compact, Tactical Through-Wall Imaging Systems. It enables the user to remotely receive real time visual data and fully control up to four Xaver 100 or 400 Systems simultaneously. 

The XaverNetconsists of a Panasonic ToughPad® and USB dongle that supports the wireless link and proprietary S/W.  The S/W application can also work on other Windows’® based platforms.  When using the XaverNet the user can remotely control Xaver 100 or 400 Systems to distances of approx. 200m (650 ft.) away LOS and toggle between Xaver Systems without being exposed to the target zone; allowing for safer operations for the operating team.


  • Real time front to back information streaming to a control panel
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Remote operation out of the “red zone” for covert and safer Xaver™ 100 and Xaver™ 400 System operations
  • Covers large areas by using System’s network from multiple angles simultaneously to help result in better decision making
  • Allows for “dead zone” operations by mounting the Xaver™ 100 and 400 Systems on unmanned vehicles
  • Allows for the Xaver™ 100 and 400 Systems to be mounted to an extension to monitor areas that would otherwise be unreachable such as high floors
  • Recording capability allows for operations to be debriefed and analyzed


  • Ruggedized wireless Command and Control Platform based on a commercial Panasonic ToughPad® FZ-M1 model, running Windows®
  • XaverNet™ application can run on various Windows’® based platforms
  • Supports both Xaver™ 100 Handheld, Though-Wall Life Detector and Xaver™ 400 Compact, Tactical Through-Wall Imaging Systems
  • Recording Capability
  • Wireless communication based on Zigbee® protocol
  • Optional tactical carrying case

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) is ONLY authorized to sell Xaver™ Through-Wall Radar Equipment to Canadian Law Enforcement and Military Agencies. Information, products, processes and technologies described in this document may be subject to intellectual property rights. These rights are reserved by Camero-Tech, Ltd. or other owner thereof.  Xaver™ is a registered trademark of Camero-Tech, Ltd. and is used with permission.

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