Specifically Catered for Law Enforcement Related Associations


Many people are unaware that Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) provides cutting edge website development; redevelopment and design services specifically catered for law enforcement related associations.

In addition to redevelopment of our company’s website, since May of 2012 we have developed websites for the following associations:

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Our company’s website development/design services element was born from our years of experience in working with and developing strong/trusting relationships with multiple law enforcement related associations throughout the country. From these relationships, we had learned that a majority of these associations fell into one of two categories. The association either didn’t have a website or the association had a website that they were simply NOT satisfied with because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Too difficult for a person with little to no website programming experience or knowledge to manage/administer (add new, remove old, or edit existing) site content.

  • Unprofessional/poor overall website design/structure.

  • Lacked database functionality to assist association board with critical membership management functions.

If you are apart of a law enforcement related association who is dissatisfied with the association’s website for these or any other reasons, we encourage you to learn more about the website development/design services offered by ETGI.


ETGI’s website development/design services include, but are NOT limited to:
  • Professionally, Custom Designed Website Header Graphic and Overall Site/Page Structure.

  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Administration Control Panels to Allow a Person or Person(s) with Little to No Website Administration/Programming Experience to Fully Manage(add new, remove old, or edit existing) Site Content such as:
    • General Website and Association President’s Welcome Message
    • Association Membership Application Forms
    • Conferences & Member Registration Forms
    • Association News & Announcements
    • Association Newsletters
    • Association Training Calendar
    • Board of Director/Committee Member Creation & Assignment
    • Website Links
    • Much, Much More!

  • Multiple “Membership Management”Administration Features:
    • Basic and Advanced Membership Database Search Functions for Quick Location of Specific Membership Profile(s) of Interest.
    • Ability to Export “Member Profile” Details to Microsoft Excel (MS) Excel to:
      • Generate Printable Membership Lists
      • Perform “Mail Merges” in MS Word to Generate Letters, Mailing Labels and/or Conference Name Tags/Badges
      • Import Membership Data into Accounting Software
    • Ability to Generate and Send Membership Email Blasts with File Attachment.
  • Dynamic Content Management System (CMS): Provides site administrator the ability to create and manage new pages within website/side navigation menu.
  • Integration with PayPal or Other Credit Card Processing Services to Allow Members to Remit Payment of Membership Dues or Conference Registration Fees Securely Online. NOTE: Online Conference Registration for Conference Exhibitor Options Also Available.
  • Association Sponsor/Supporter Opportunities: Provides ability for association to offer various website marketing opportunities to private companies in exchange for association sponsorship or other financial support.
  • Username/Password Protected “Member’s Area” Designed to Facilitate Communications, Networking, and Information Sharing Amongst Membership.**

”Member’s Area” Member Services Features & Functions:
  • Media Center: A file sharing system which allows members to easily share various media (documents, presentations, video clips, audio clips, and image) files with one another. The Media Center incorporates both keyword and advanced search functions to allow members to quickly locate media files of specific interest. Once a Media Center file has been download/accessed, members can add their comments regarding the content of the media file as well as view comments submitted from other members!
  • Question & Answer Board: A forum which allows members to post and respond to questions/topics regarding different topics/issues that affect the association. Members can complement there post/respond by including a document file or image file attachment. Similar to the “Media Center” the Q&A Board incorporates both keyword and advanced search functions to allow members to quickly locate topics/issues of specific interest.
  • Message Center: A messaging system which allows members to write personal messages to one another through the site.
  • Profile Management: Individual member can manage (add new, remove old or edit existing) profile details such as their username/email address, agency details, contact information, profile image and more.
  • Privacy Settings Management: Individual members can give/limit accessibility of their profile details to other active association members as well as give/limit automated System email notifications.
  • Active Member List: Individual members can search to view/access profile details for other association members.


Other important things to take into consideration regarding ETGI’s website development/design services are:
  • Active Member List: Individual members can search to view/access profile details for other association members.
  • No Recurring Monthly or Annual Fees Website Development/Maintenance Fees: We have found that many website development companies “lure” associations to their services by offering a low, initial website set-up cost. These companies typically offset these low, initial website set-up costs by charging the association either a monthly or annual website “maintenance” fee. Since these “maintenance” fees are charged throughout the “life” of the website, the association could end up paying tens of thousands of dollars for their website throughout time. Furthermore, should the company decide to increase these “maintenance” fees in the future, the association must pay these increased fees or lose the website in its entirety!
  • Expandable: To help work with an association’s limited budget an association can “start of small” with a “basic” website and later expand it to include additional features, functions, and capabilities. Website feature, function and capability expansions are quoted individually.
  • Staging Server, Development/Project Updates: Website development/design is facilitated on what is referred to as a “staging server.” Website clients are provided with weekly website development/design status updates. Website clients may access the “staging server” to check out the progress as well as test their project in real-time. Once the project is completed, the “staging server” is then “synched” and is transferred to the “live server” to make it is accessible to the entire membership. To help ensure System performance and client satisfaction any programming errors, issues or “bugs” reported to ETGI within 30 days of the “live server” transfer will be corrected for NO charge.

    If you have any questions or need additional information/assistance please email aaron@etgi.us or contact us directly at 800-873-2872.

    Please note that multiple references for our website development/design services are available upon request.

    Take call and all of us at ETGI look forward to being of service.