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ETGI Introduces the Concealed Communicator

  December 7, 2012.

The Concealed Communicator is a new and innovative tool that allows for:

  • Secretly Monitor Communications Between a Remotely Located Field Operator and a Subject.

  • Secretly "Coach" (talk to) a Remotely Located Field Operator.

  • Covertly Gather Audio Data from a Remote Target Area.


    • Hostage/Crisis Negotiations: Gives Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) staff the ability to safely monitor communications and "coach" a Negotiator involved in a face-to-face negotiation with a subject from a remote location.

    • Investigations/Interviewing/Interrogations: Provides the ability for Investigative Team staff to secretly listen and "coach" a Detective conducting an interview or an interrogation with a subject in real time.

    • Drug Enforcement: May be used as a "cellular" body wire for undercover covert audio gathering operations.

    • Defense Tactics/Firearms Training: Instructors can remotely and unobtrusively communicate with an officer or role player to provide guidance during dynamic training drills.

    Download the literature below!