Our latest most advanced system featuring built-in Bluetooth® for cell phones, PBX and landline communication; data sharing for up to (4) seperate locations and much, much more! Limited information is provided on the public section of our website. To access more information, please sign-in or register for access to the "Secure Area" of our website. For immediate attention contact us directly at 414-276-4471 or email info@etgi.us.

The Dual Ops is a highly versatile audio communications response, surveillance/intelligence system which can be used for negotiations, narcotics operations, interviews, evidence gathering and other needs. It is an audio-only system.

Versatile, low profile, highly mobile, quick set up. Cellular Bluetooth connect-communications system.

A valuable addition to any agency's critical incident response toolbox. Utilizes a hands free, two way throw speaker concept.

Enhance situational awareness in tactical operations or improve search and rescue efforts by detecting the presence of persons hidden behind opaque (non-transparent) building materials such as cement, plaster, brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, adobe, stucco, drywall and more!

Increase officer safety by providing them with the ability to deploy down-range, omni-directional lighting without revealing their position. Natural/white light and Infrared (IR) versions available.

Our most popular solution for Crisis Negotiations. Tactical and Incident Command Personnel to wirelessly monitor audio activity.

One of our newest products. Allow your team to wirelessly communicate, share data in a secure private area network utilizing your own devices. Sends text, images, drawings, and information to update one another in real-time while monitoring the communications/data from the command module.

Communicate by placing a call to the device from any cellphone or landline.